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Co – Fert  Cap :

Co – enzyme Q-10 100 mg + L – Arginine 250 mg + Vit. E 50% 50 mg + Selenium 150 mcg.

Indications :

  • Asthenozoospermia
  • Oligozoospermia
  • Erectile dysfunction

Dosage :

  • 2 Capsules daily or as directed by physician.

Composition :

  • Provides energy by proper functioning of the electron transport chain, thus improving the sperm motility.
  • Protects the spermatozoa by incrasing the NO and CGMP which improves the penile erection and sperm counts and helps protect the spermatozoa.
  • Acts as an antioxidant to improve  the sperm quality.
  • Helps increase blood testosterone levels, sperm count and mobility, thus helping in every aspect of male reproduction.

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