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Mucofast-NAC Effervescent

Acetylcysteine 600mg


Pneumonia                                  Pulmonary fibrosis

Dyspnoea                                     Inflammation                          

Asthma                                        Bronchitis

Lung inflammation                       Respiratory failure

COPD                                           Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Cough                                          Exacerbations

Interstitial lung disease.

An excellent mucolytic agent with anti-inflammatory properties reduces the risk of exacerbations and improves symptoms in pneumonia, dyspnoea,acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Clinical studies have proven that CRP and ferritin levels are decreased in patients after NAC therapy.

Also improves bronchial and lung functions, reduces cough and improves oxygen saturation in the blood.

Replenishes gluthathione levels that are effective in alleviating lung injury and blocks production of angiotensin-2, which may decrease the severity of the pulmonary disease.

Useful in the treatment of bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, asthma pulmonary fibrosis and COPD.

Its effervescent nature provides an improved absorption rate and ensures easy intake with increased bioavailability.

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