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Politrol -CTZ :

Calcitrol 0.25 mcg + Calcium Citrate U.S.P 750mg + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate U.s.p eq. to Elemental Zinc 7.5 mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 100 mg.

Calcium salts :

> Prevents the loss of bone that is associated with aging 

> Necessary for the normal function of all muscles(skeletal, heart,and smooth muscles) and nerves.

Calcitriol :

Helps control parathyroid hormone and levels of calcium, phosphorus that are needed for building and keeping strong bones.

> Treats and prevents certain types of calcium/phosphorus parathyroid problem that can happen with long-term kidney diaysis or hypopararoidism.

 Zinc :

> An essential elemental for tissue accretion that helps maintain a steady state of the body.

Magnesium :

Exhibits an important role in skeletal development and in the maintenance of electrical potential in nerves and muscle membranes.

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