Anti-cold accelerated with Caffeine 

COMPOSITION: Phenylephrine HCl 10mg + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg + Paracetamol 325mg + Caffeine 30mg


Phenylephrine HCl 

Drug Class: Decongestants

  • Phenylephrine is used as a nasal decongestant, cardiotonic, and vasoconstrictor agent (Meltzer et al. 2015).
  • Kollar 2007 showed that a single oral dose of phenylephrine significantly improved acute nasal congestion.

Paracetamol (also known as Acetaminophen)

Drug class: Analgesic

  • Widely used as the major ingredient in combination medications for the common cold.
  • Helps relieve nasal obstruction and rhinorrhoea. 

Chlorpheniramine maleate

Drug Class: Antihistamines

  • Chlorpheniramine maleate is a first-generation antihistaminic that antagonizes histamine H1-receptor. Ain-Shams J Anesthesiol 12, 26 (2020).
  • Safe & effective antihistamine with potent antiviral activity against various strains of influenza A/B.Cureus. 2020 Sep 17;12(9):e10501.


Drug Class: Stimulant

  • Caffeine increased the alertness and performance of the cold subjects to the same level as the healthy group in a study