Rejuvenates the Electrolyte & Water Balance Rapidly

COMPOSITION: Sodium Chloride IP 2.6g + Pottasium Chloride IP 1.5g + Sodium Citrate IP 2.9g+ Dextrose IP 13.5g


ORS is a simple, proven intervention that can be used at the community and facility level to prevent and treat diarrheal dehydration and decrease diarrhea mortality.

In  dehydration associated with  diarrhoea, gastroenteritis,  cholera and dysentery  the body  is devoid  of water and  electrolytes.  ORT  (oral  rehydration  therapy)  is  the  simple  treatment  which  involves administering a  solution of  salts and  sugars for  replenishing electrolyte  and  water content  of  the  body. Sodium  is the  major  cat-ion  found  in the  extracellular fluid.  It regulates  the water  content of the body and is critical for generation of electrical signals. Similarly, Potassium is the major cat-ion found inside  the cells. It is required for  regulation of heart beat and function  of the  muscles.  The Sodium  and Potassium  concentration of  ORS  must  be  sufficient  to  replace their  loss  and  correct  hyponatremia/hypokalemia  but  not  so  high  as  to  cause  or  worsen hypernatremia/hyperkalemia which can itself occasionally result in death

Sodium Chloride & Sodium Citrate (Electrolyte)

  • Sodium regulates the water content of the body and is critical for the generation of electrical signals.
  • Sodium is the major cat-ion found in the extracellular fluid.

Potassium Chloride (Electrolyte)

  • Similarly, Potassium is the major cat-ion found inside the cells. 
  • It is required for regulation of heartbeat and function of the muscles.


  • The Sodium and Potassium concentration of ORS is sufficient to replace their loss and correct hyponatremia/hypokalemia.
  • ORS containing sodium citrate base is effective for the management of diarrhea in both adults and children.
  • It is a convenient stable form of ORS for use in the home and for travelers.
  • Lessens the pain & distress and, minimizes gastric distention.
  • Correct electrolyte imbalance & provides energy to the body, and significantly reduces the need for intravenous fluid treatment.