For Larger than Expected Benefits

COMPOSITION: Esomeprazole Magnesium Trihydrate IP Esomeprazole 40mg + Levosulpiride 75mg


This combination of the fastest acting proton pump inhibitor with an anti-dyspeptic as well as antipsychotic drug aid to overcome the symptoms of dysmotility or severe GERD that is not responsive to conventional doses of Proton pump inhibitors.


Drug Class: Proton-pump inhibitors.

  • Reported to have a somewhat higher potency in acid inhibition than other PPIs.


  • Esomeprazole was superior in healing erosive esophagitis and at the speed of symptom relief compared to most of the older PPIs.
  • Shown to be more effective in maintaining healing of erosive GERD compared with lansoprazole (15mg) or pantoprazole (20 mg).
  • Esomeprazole 40 mg od (up to 8 weeks) provides higher rates of healing of erosive GERD and a greater proportion of patients with sustained resolution of heartburn, than 
  • omeprazole 20 mg, 
  • lansoprazole 30 mg, or 
  • pantoprazole 40 mg od. 
  • Esomeprazole treatment in GERD has been reported to result in improvement of health-related QoL indices in all subscales.


Drug Class: A prokinetic agent of the benzamide class.

  • Levosulpiride is the levo-enantiomer of sulpiride, a well-known antiemetic, anti-dyspeptic, and antipsychotic drug.
  • It has shown greater central anti-dopaminergic activity, antiemetic and antidyspeptic effects, and lower acute toxicity than both the racemic and dextro forms.
  • Due to its peripheral anti-dopaminergic action, levosulpiride has a therapeutic role also in gastro-enterology as a modulator of the motor activity of the upper digestive tract.
  • In Functional Dyspepsia, levosulpiride decreases the perception of gastric distension with an action unrelated to a change of gastric tone.
  • Significantly ameliorates gastrointestinal symptoms and increases the discomfort threshold.