Germicide Gargle POVISTAR-Mouth wash

Germicide Gargle POVISTAR-Mouth wash


The Potent & Powerful Germicidal


  1. Germicide Gargle – Povidone iodine 2% (Available Iodine 0.2% w/v)
  2. Mouth Wash – Povidone iodine 1% (Available Lodine 0.1% w/v)

Povidone Iodine

Drug Class: Topical antiseptic agent

  • Is an antiseptic solution consisting of polyvinylpyrrolidone with water, iodide, and 1% available iodine.
  • Has bactericidal ability against a large array of pathogens.
  • Excellent broad-spectrum antimicrobial and bactericidal agent inactivates microbes by oxidative effects.
  • Aids in maintaining oropharyngeal hygiene by killing oral and respiratory pathogens.
  • Provides relief for sore throat, mouth infections, mouth ulcers, and gingivitis.
  • Also helps in decreasing viral load in both oral and respiratory secretions.