RABIN – 20 Tablets

For Instant Relief & Extended Comfort

COMPOSITION: Rabeprazole-20 mg 



Drug Class: Proton-pump inhibitors

  • Rabeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that covalently binds with and inactivates the gastric parietal cell proton pump (H+/K+-ATPase); in turn, inhibits gastric acid production and raises gastric pH.
  • Shown to be more effective than first-generation PPIs in reducing the duration of nocturnal gastric acid breakthrough.
  • Rabeprazole increased intragastric pH throughout the stomach with a rapid onset of action (within hours) and maintained an elevated pH through and between meals.
  • Postprandial acid pockets, identified in the region of the cardia/gastro-oesophageal junction area postprandially, were decreased in number, length, and magnitude by rabeprazole.