Drug class – Bronchodilators

  • Acebrophylline is a xanthine derivative containing ambroxol and theophylline as main constituents, used in the treatment of asthma, COPD, bronchitis, lungs inflammation sinusitis, tightness of chest, etc.
  • Acebrophylline helps the patient to breathe easily by relaxing the smooth muscle present in the lungs and airways.
  • By inhibiting the synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators, acebrophylline reduces inflammation, a key factor in airway obstruction, especially in chronic forms.
  • Acebrophylline is therapeutically effective in patients with acute or chronic bronchitis; 
        • It reduces the frequency of episodes of bronchial obstruction and 
        • Reduces the need for B2-agonists and improves indexes of the ventilator.
  • It shows site-specific absorption in the intestine.
  • It improves the therapeutic efficacy by reducing the dosing frequency and benefits, especially in the case of patients with nocturnal bronchial asthma.


  • Acebrophylline is a better choice than Theophylline for COPD patients having cardiovascular co-morbidity.