Right Support for Strong Bones

COMPOSITION – 1250mg Calcium carbonate eq. to elemental calcium 500mg + Magnesium IP 100mg + Zinc sulphate eg. to Elemental Zinc 4mg + Vitamin D, IP 200 IU

Calcium carbonate

  • In early-postmenopausal women, bone-mineral density was higher in the calcium carbonate group than the calcium citrate malate group at the spine.
  • Calcium carbonate is cheapest and therefore often a good first choice.
  • Calcium carbonate is 40% elemental calcium, so 1,250 milligrams (mg) of calcium carbonate contains 500 mg of elemental calcium.


  • Mg supplementation in menopausal women has also proved more effective in a combination with other minerals.


  • Important for bone quality, in case of casting or application of fixators to the fractured bone, promotes appositional bone growth around the fixation device.