B.G. FER-Z Tablets

Boosting Heamotological Parameters & Resolving Anemia

COMPOSITION – Ferrous bis-glycinate, Zinc bis- glycinate, Methylcobalamin & Folic Acid


Ferrous Bisglycinate

  • Demonstrated to have at least two-fold higher bioavailability and absorption compared to conventional iron salts.
  • Proven clinically effective for preventing iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in infants.
  • Demonstrated effective absorption in celiac patients and similar hematological outcomes in pregnant women.
  • More efficacious in increasing Hb level than ferrous glycine sulfate.
  • Bisglycinate form of iron (30mg) showed more persistent correction of ferritin levels after a six-month follow-up than 30mg of iron sulfate.

Zinc bis- glycinate

  • Zinc glycinate has shown better bioactivity than zinc gluconate. 
  • Well-tolerated and well-absorbed zinc chelate since this form of zinc is bound to glycine and does not compete with other minerals for absorption in the intestinal tract.
  • Folic acid and methylcobalamin are among the B complex vitamins that are necessary for deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis, normal red blood cell formation, and cellular and tissue repair.
  • Folic acid and methylcobalamin are effective and well tolerated in the treatment of patients with B vitamin deficiency