Recharges Stamina, Vitality & Virility

COMPOSITION – Swarn Bhasam 0.5mg + Chandi Bhasam 1.5mg + Swarn Bang 2.5mg + Kesar 2.5mg + Brahmi 25mg + Safed Musli 28mg + Vidarikand 75mg + Ashwagandha 75mg + Gokhru 40mg + Akarkara 40mg + Talmakhana 50mg + Kaunch 60mg + Shankhpushpi 50mg + Shatavar 50mg


Chandi Bhasam

  • Improves skin complexion, digestion power, body strength and immunity, with excellent rejuvenative, anti-aging properties


  • Blood purifier helps in increasing the oxygen content of the blood thereby aiding in the overall health and well-being of a person, also improves circulation to the organs of digestion.


  • Calms stress and reduces tension by tonifying brain tissues & increasing blood circulation
  • Rejuvenating effect on the body, effective in cases of debility

Safed musli

  • Build one’s stamina and immunity repairing damaged tissues and making body muscles stronger, also eradicates physical and mental stress.


  • Rejuvenative anabolic herb helps to fight general weakness and gives strength & stamina


  • Provides nutrition for all the seven tissue layers of the body – the lymph, blood, muscles, fat, bones, marrow and nervous tissue and semen.
  • Anti-stress adaptogenic property that calms the nerves and improves the body’s ability to deal with physical and emotional stress. Normalizes the sympathetic nervous system


  • Shows MAO (Monoamine oxidase) inhibitor activity, which is utilised for psychological and nervous imbalances to enhance the balance of serotonin in the brain.
  • Effective for boosting hormone production in men and women, urinary tract problems, itchy skin and blood purification.