Babies Pain can Leave Mothers in Tears

COMPOSITION: Alpha-Amylase 20mg + Papain 10mg+ Dill Oil 2mg + Anise Oil B.P. 2mg + Caraway Oil 2mg



  • Essential for conversion of starches into oligosaccharides.


  • It breaks down protein so it can digest it and play important role in controlling dyspepsia and other disorders of the digestive system and GI tract.

Dill oil 

  • The anti-flatulent effects of dill have also been explained, particularly in babies and young children. 
  • Dill digests food well, improves stomachaches, and prevents stomach weakness as well as avoids spoilage of food in the body.

Caraway oil

  • It increases the secretion of gastric juice and promotes the discharge of bile, which increases the appetite and has digestive stimulatory effects. 

Anise oil 

  • Aniseed oil causes gastric protection and exerts significant laxative effects which give rise to a decrease in colonic transit time as well as an increase in the number of daily evacuations.