DROTAFLEX – 80 Tablets

COMPOSITION: Drotaverine HCl IP 80mg


Drug Class: Anti-spasmodic agent

  • Drotaverine hydrochloride an antispasmodic is highly effective in reducing the duration of the active phase of labor by hastening cervical dilatation.
  • Reduces the incidence of traumatic postpartum hemorrhage by reducing the incidence of cervical tear; safe for the mother as well as for the baby 
  • Has a good relaxing effect on intestinal smooth muscle, which helps in alleviating pain and does not have side effects like anticholinergics. 
  • Drotaverine is more effective in multigravidae in accelerating labor compared to valethamate bromide.
  • Drotaverine provides effective pain relief in more than two-thirds of patients with renal colic, with no serious side effects.