FEBUNEX – 40 Tablets

Lowers Uric acid Levels Safely

Febuxostat 40mg




Drug Class: Xanthine oxidase inhibitors

  • A urate lowering drug, an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase that achieves its therapeutic effect by decreasing serum uric acid.
  • A non-purine selective inhibitor of xanthine oxidase that works by non-competitively blocking the molybdenum pterin center which is the active site on xanthine oxidase.
  • Seems to be a promising therapeutic drug for gout or hyperuricemia, even in patients with renal dysfunction. 1
  • A highly efficacious urate-lowering therapy in patients with gout regardless of overproduction or underexcretion status. 
  • An option for the management of chronic hyperuricemia in gout only for people who are intolerant to allopurinol or for whom allopurinol is contraindicated.