SUPERGREL – 90 Tablets

 Gives Hope in Despair

Ticagrelor IP 90mg



  • Ticagrelor is a novel non-thienopyridine platelet P2Y12 receptor antagonist.
  • Selectively blocks the platelet P2Y12 receptor by interacting with a binding site different from ADP (non-competitive inhibition) and thus, inhibits the prothrombotic effects of ADP.
  • Absorbed quickly from the gut, with a bioavailability of 36%.
  • Ticagrelor is FDA approved (July, 2011) for clinical use in Acute coronary syndrome.
  • Indicated to be used with low dose aspirin (aspirin dose not exceeding 100 mg) as it loses its efficacy when administered with high dose aspirin.
  • As compared to clopidogrel, ticagrelor has a faster and stronger antiplatelet effect along with a greater clinical efficacy with a comparable rate of bleeding.