Soothes & Appeases the Irritated Gastric Lining   

COMPOSITION: Sucralfate 1gm + Oxetacaine BP 20mg




Drug Class: Protectants.

  • Sucralfate, a complex salt of sucrose sulfate and aluminum hydroxide, contributes to mucosal protection by several different actions. 
  • It provides a physical barrier to block the diffusion of acid, pepsin, and bile acids across esophageal mucosa and attenuate the erosive injury of acid and alkali. 
  • The potential benefits of sucralfate include mucosa repair and ulcer healing.
  • Sucralfate shows its efficacy in improving reflux symptoms in patients with reflux esophagitis and NERD patients.
  • Like antacids and alginate, sucralfate has a limited role in the healing of erosive esophagitis and is usually considered an add-on therapy for GERD treatment.


Drug Class: Anesthetic antacids 

  • A potent local anesthetic agent, exceeding by far the potency of either cocaine, procaine, lidocaine, or dibucaine. 
  • It acts by producing a reversible loss of sensation by preventing or diminishing the conduction of sensory nerve impulses near the site of its application. 
  • Unlike other local anesthetic compounds, it is chemically a glycine amide instead of benzoate or aminobenzoate and does not break down under strongly acidic conditions.  
  • Alleviates pain associated with peptic ulcer disease or esophagitis; relieves the symptoms of hyperacidity problems by increasing pH and neutralizing the gastric acid in the stomach. 
  • Oxethazaine produces antispasmodic action on smooth muscle and blocks the action of serotonin on smooth muscle.