For Predictable Hb Rise


Ferric Carboxymaltose (500mg/10ml


  • Iron Deficiency anemia
  • Intolerant Oral Iron therapy
  • Nondialysis Dependant CKD




  • FDA-approved IV treatment for iron deficiency. intolerant to oral therapy.
  • Stable formulation, allowing a higher dose up to 1000mg.
  • Improves Hb levels more rapidly compared to ferrous sulfate.
  • Sustainably improves function, symptoms, and QOL, reduces the risk of hospitalization for worsening heart failure
  • Effective in treating iron deficiency anemia in many chronic conditions.
  • Rapid and significant replenishment of iron stores in pregnant women over a 12-week period with better compliance, improvement in fatigue scores as compared to Iron sucrose complex.
  • The ease of dosing and efficacy contributes to compliance and an increase in Hb levels.
  • Rapidly cleared from the circulation and is distributed primarily to the bone marrow (approximately 80%) liver and spleen.
  • Effective safe and well tolerated in the treatment of iron deficiency in ND-CKD and PD-CKD patients.